Sborník z londýnské konference CIMCIM 2021:

Sborník z londýnské konference CIMCIM 2021:

Global Crises and Music Museums:  Representing Music after the Pandemic

Sborník z konference CIMCIM, která se konala v Londýně 6. až 8. září 2021, je nyní dostupný online na tomto odkazu

Obsah sborníku:

  • About CIMCIM
  • Frank P. Bär: Introduction
  • CIMCIM Board 2019-2022
  • Esteban Mariño: Preface. Conference Overview
  • CIMCIM Call for Papers

COVID-19 nad Music Museums: National and International Overviews

  • Fanny Guillaume-Castel / Esteban Mariño / Arianna Rigamonti: COVID-19 and Music Museums:
    Impact, Mitigation, Reaction
  • Yuanyuan (Anna) Wang / Xiang Zhang: Online Or On Site: Chinese Music And Instrument Museums After The Pandemic
  • Perminus Matiure: COVID-19 Pandemic And The Sustainability Of Museums In The Southern African Region: Challenges And Mitigating Measures 

Music Museum Responses to COVID-19

  • Marie-Pauline Martin / Delphine de Bethmann:The Museum’s Virtual Experience: Opportunities and Sustainable Perspectives
  • Emanuele Marconi: Digital Resurrection of A Silent Museum
  • Sawako Ishii: Online-based Museum Education under the Impact Of COVID-19: The Case of Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments
  • Alexandre Girard-Muscagorry / Saskia Willaert: Activating European Collaborations in Time of COVID-19: The Example of the Joint Acquisition of The Boulanger-Bouhière Collection of African Lamellophones 
  • Heike Fricke: Closed But Open. Museums During The Pandemic

New Displays and Temporary Exhibitions

  • Pascale Vandervellen: The Excellence of Belgian Keyboard Instruments Doubly Celebrated 
  • Iris Verena Barth / Annabella Skagen: A New Concept for Our New Main Exhibition
  • Eric de Visscher: Between COVID-19 and Fire: Curating An Exhibition about Beethoven in 2020
  • Kazuhiko Shima: Focusing Inner World of Musical Instruments and People’s Mind: A Way for Roles of Musical Instrument Museum with/after COVID-19
  • Vilma Vilunaite: Lithuanian Kankles in The Past and Today: Presentation Of The Virtual Exhibition


  • Althea SullyCole: Analysing Intangible Cultural Heritage (‘Ich’) of Musical Instrument Collections in Museums
  • Panagiotis Poulopoulos: Serial Numbers as Information Source and Tool for Building Virtual Instrument Collections
  • Christina Homer: Finding A Place for A Collection of Ancient Mexican Musical Artefacts
  • Louise Condi: Locating and Documenting European Sympathetic Strings: Instrumentarium, A Transversal Approach of Collections Around The World
  • Federica Colucci: The Restoration, Study, and Documentation of A French School Violin in The Pandemic Era
  • Ángel Manuel Olmos: Tracing Historical Instruments with Ecauda